Oriental Orthodox Unity in Action at Malankara-Syriac Deacons Camp

Whippany, NJ – For nearly a decade, H.E. Mor Titus Yeldho of the Malankara Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church in North America has been working tirelessly to establish a seminary on the premises of the Archdiocesan Headquarters for the education of his clergy and faithful. In the meantime, since […]

Orthodox Youth Gather for Discussion on Faith, Culture, & Identity

Whippany, NJ – Orthodox youth from all up and down the East Coast – from New England to Washington, DC – gathered at St. Ephrem Cathedral – the seat of the Malankara-Syriac Archdiocese – for the fifth annual SCOOYA Youth Conference.  This year’s theme – Faith, Culture, & Identity – was tackled […]