Daily Archives: February 14, 2013

The Custody Officially Greets the New Armenian Patriarch

The Custody Officially Greets the New Armenian Patriarch The Custody of the Holy Land, represented by its Vicar, Fra Artemio Vitores, visited the newly elected Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Nourhan Manougian. ¬†The Patriarch renewed his sentiments that the fraternities must maintain their solid relations, which have united them […]

Armenian Book’s Divine Breath

Armenian book’s divine breath through the ages The very first hand-written Armenian book that came to be known as “Astvatsashunch” (“The divine breath”) was the Bible translated 1600 years ago by Saint Mesrob Mashdots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet and the beginner of the native literary tradition. That was […]

More Convictions

More Convictions for Egypt’s Maspero Massacre Over a year ago, 28 people – mostly Coptic Christians – were killed in a military-induced massacre in Cairo, Egypt. ¬†However, only Christians have been convicted thus far.  

Egpyt’s Coptic Leader

Egypt’s Coptic Leader: Christians Are Not a Minority Pope Tawadros II, Egypt’s Coptic leader, has issued an uncharacteristically sharp assessment of the North African country’s leadership in a recent interview, asserting the important role Christianity plays in the country and addressing the newly minted constitution with which many minorities hold […]