Etiquette and Language

Greeting a Bishop or Priest

  Armenian Name: A bishop is addressed at Srpazan Hayr.  A celibate priest is addressed as Hayr Sourp. A married priest is addressed as Der Hayr. Greeting: Asdvadz Oknagan (bless me), Srpazan Hayr/Hayr Sourp/Der Hayr as well as a bow to kiss his anointed hand.  One should not kiss his […]

Proper Attire in Church

  Armenian Women: Proper dress consists of sleeved dress or blouse, and a hat or other head covering at all times, most especially when approaching the alter for Holy Communion. Men: Always wear a jacket, and no head covering or hat. Coptic Women: Proper dress consists of sleeved dress or […]

Holy Communion – Eucharist

  Armenian Community confession takes place, followed by Holy Communion where the Priest serves unleavened bread dipped in wine which becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  Fasting before receiving Communion is required. Women should cover their heads to approach the alter.  Men and Women may participate together. Private […]