Mission Statement

  1. The Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches in America is a fellowship of the Dioceses of the Armenian, the Syrian/Malankara Syrian Church of India, the Coptic, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches.
  2. The Mission of the Standing Conference is to proclaim and witness to the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a fellowship of apostolic churches affirming the unity of the Orthodox Christian faith, demonstrating their solidarity as Oriental Orthodox; sharing and learning from the particular experiences of the member churches; and strengthening the spiritual and moral lives of their own communities.
  3. The Standing Conference creates educational forums and opportunities for the faithful of the member churches to discover the common threads of faith and tradition which unite them.
  4. The Standing Conference engages in ecumenical activities with other Christian communions with the approval and under the guidance of the heads of the member churches, in order to embrace the universal mission of the Church of Christ, encouraging both clergy and lay to participate in the fullness of Christ’s commandment, “…that they may be one.”

Approved October 12, 1999